Hinky Pinkie Riddles


Hinky Pinkies are two rhyming words, each with two syllables, that answer the riddle. Hover over the image when you are ready for the answer! For older children, you may not want to show them the picture clues, just read the question and have them guess the answer. You might also like Hink Pink Riddles
Hinky Pinkie Riddles
Hinky Pinkie: How do you say goodbye to this reptile?

All answers are two rhyming words, each has two syllables. Hover over the picture to check your answer!

What do you call a scared woman? Hinky Pinkie: Fraidy-Lady

What do you call a boxing arachnid? Hinky Pinkie: Fighter-Spider

How do you describe your belly after you ate something delicious? Hinky Pinkies: Yummy-Tummy

What is your dog after he gets out of a lake? Hinky Pinkie: Soggy- Doggy

How do you describe something handwritten in a hurry? Hinky Pinkie: Sloppy Copy

What do you call a water bird that crosses the road without getting hit? Hinky Pinkies: Lucky-Duckie

What do you call a play starring a mammal from South America? Hinky Pinkie: Llama-Drama

How do you describe your grandfather when he feels joyful? Hinky Pinkie: Happy-Pappy

How do you say goodbye to a reptile? Hinky Pinkies: Later-Gator

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