The Goblin Man


The Goblin Man was published in Normal Instructor and Primary Plans (October 1922). Score credit: Sallie G. Fitzgerald
The Goblin Man
Jessie Wilcox Smith, The Princess and the Goblin, 1920
When the Goblin Man,
He comes to town,
Look out! Look out! 

He'll carry you off to Goblin Land.
Look out! Look out!
And if you're good he will not stay,
But turn a-round and run a-way

But oh, my child if you are bad,
Look out! Look out!

The Goblin Man,
he creeps up slow,
Look out! Look out!

He always knows which way to go,
Look out! Look out!

You never know when he's a-round,
The naughty boy he's always found,
So now I've warned you children, oh
Look out! Look out!

The Goblin Man sheet music

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