Jolly Halloween


Jolly Halloween sung to the tune of "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp" is from Normal Instructor and Primary Plans (October 1922), submitted by Clara Emogene Bowen.
Jolly Halloween
Jolly Halloween vintage postcard, NY Public Library
When the frosty days are here,
In the autumn of the year,
And the woods are golden brown
instead of green,
Then we hear the goblins say,
"Time to have our holiday,
Time to celebrate the jolly Halloween.

Hark! hark! hark! the ghost are coming!
Hear their tap, tap at the door!
We shall see them all to-night,
We shall see each dancing sprite,
Fairies, gnomes and goblins all,
and many more.

If you listen you will hear
Piping notes so loud and clear,
But you must be careful that you are 
not seen,
For no fairy band will play,
If a mortal's in their way,
So just watch and listen on this Halloween.


See the red and golden light,
See the jack-o'-lanterns bright,
Do you wonder what so many strange
things mean?
Listen now, oh listen well,
And the secret we will tell--
It's because to-night is jolly Halloween.


Featured in our collection, Halloween Stories for Children


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