Life After Death


Damini was about to call Kabir when the door bell rang. she was sitting alone in her drawing room anxiously waiting for her husband. it was pretty late now though back in her mind she knew why he was getting late but she only wanted know what was happening there.

"How's Nishi?" asked Damini as she sat on the couch beside her husband.

"She is fine," said Kabir letting a sigh.

Damini did not say anything for a long time, She knew it very well that Kabir has a little troubled by the course of the events. first his sister Muskaan's untimely death then his mother's ill state of health and now his best friend Ashok's daughter's accident. everything within a time span of six months. now this was too much he could take.

After a long silence she said "I think you need some rest. get up and freshen up first." she got up but didn't move as she noticed that Kabir didn't make any sign of moving. "Anything wrong?" inquired Damini as she looked tensed.

"Nothing," replied Kabir. Then turned to look at Damini and asked her "Kids off to bed?"


"Something strange happened" said Kabir now looking at the glass he was holding.

"What" asked Damini arching both her brows.

"Ashok kind of thanked me."

Damini kept silent still bearing the look of inquisitiveness.

So that Kabir continued "For something which I never did."

"What do you mean by that?"

"He thanked me because Muskaan was my sister." he paused.

When was kind of searching words as he could not understand how put it in words what seemed to hurt, confuse, make him proud- all at once.

He thanked me because as he said he could not thank her himself.

Finally Damini could not resist her curiosity and asked "why he wanted to thank Muskaan"

Kabir did not reply for another few moments then said "because he thinks it was Muskaan's eyes that his daughter got.

He let out a sigh and then continued. "Actually he is not sure where those corneas belong to Muskaan or not but he was thanking muskaan for her gesture. god I never thought I would get my answer this way. he choked "remember how I castigated her when she said she has donated her eyes."

Kabir gave a jitter of unease. Damini put her hand over his shoulder to console him.

"I was being such moron. I belittled her noble gesture. I don't know what got into my mind then." again turning to look at Damini he said "Remember how she used to say that she wanted to do something for which people would always remember her."

As he said that a smile went across his lips as he slid into a reminiscence about Muskaan.

"That simple idea took so long to penetrate through my thick skin. it never made sense to me that why people are going to remember anyone for whatever they did? but obviously she was talking of something exceptional; something that is going to touch someone' life."

He had tears in his eyes as he said "Ashok's words made me realise what she meant when she used to say that she wanted to live after death. Now I know. After all this is Life After Death.


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