I stood near hill cliff till I saw the sun sinking in the horizon into dusk. I shouldn't be here I know. Everybody is expecting me at home. Still this red, orange sun which blends in strange melange of golden hue entrapped my imagination and I was compelled to stay there. I tried to remember the last time I saw a sunset.

It was when I came to this same place with grandma six years ago. I so used to enjoy my visit to this place with her. I remember how it used to elate me to see the smile on her face while she endlessly stared at the sunset till the sun buried in the skyline. Her face lit up with that strange melange of golden hue. It was the most cherished site of my life. She once said that she would love to die watching this picturesque moment. Who knew her wish was going to be true someday.

One day while returning from the hill cliff she had a stroke. Even before she could reach the hospital she died. This came as a shock to me. I couldn't even cry that day. The person around whom my whole world stood was no more.

Since then hatred was itched in my mind for this place. Yet, today, I found myself compelled to come to this very hillside again. This hill side reminded me of her. Here I sensed her presence. This sunset reminded me of her smile. I vividly could visual the golden smile that this sunset brought on her wrinkled face.

I know she is no more yet her memories will be with me forever. Because everyday this sun would set and would remind me of her lively smile.

Slowly and gradually this golden hue turned into a mix of blue and purple and I came back from my reminiscence. I started walking towards the slope which headed towards my home.


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