Day and Night


Day and Night was published in The Yellow Book, volume 4.
Day and Night
Nuremberg Chronicles the Sun and the Moon
ALL day the glorious Sun caressed
  Wide meadows and white winding way,
And on the Earth's soft heaving breast
  Heart-warm his royal kisses lay.
She looked up in his face and smiled,
  With mists of love her face seemed dim;
The golden Emperor was beguiled,
  To dream she would be true to him.

Yet was there, 'neath his golden shower,
  No end of love for him astir;
She waited, dreaming, for the hour
  When Night, her love, should come to her;
When 'neath Night's mantle she should creep
  And feel his arms about her cling,
When the soft tears true lovers weep
  Should make amends for everything.


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