To Her: In Time of War


To Her: In Time of War is a soldier's mournful poem to his lover before he heads into battle. It was published in Nesbit's poetry collection, Many Voices (1922).
To Her: In Time of War
British soldier writing in cow-shed loft near the Front, 1914
Once I made for you songs,
Rondels, triolets, sonnets;
Verse that my love deemed due,
Verse that your love found fair.
Now the wide wings of war
Hang, like a hawk’s, over England,
Shadowing meadows and groves;
And the birds and the lovers are mute.

Yet there’s a thing to say
Before I go into battle,
Not now a poet’s word
But a man’s word to his mate:
Dear, if I come back never,
Be it your pride that we gave
The hope of our hearts, each other,
For the sake of the Hope of the World.


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