OH, come again to Astolat!
       I will not ask you to be kind.
     And you may go when you will go,
       And I will stay behind.

     I will not say how dear you are,
       Or ask you if you hold me dear,
     Or trouble you with things for you
       The way I did last year.

     So still the orchard, Lancelot,
       So very still the lake shall be,
     You could not guess—though you should guess—
       What is become of me.

     So wide shall be the garden-walk,
       The garden-seat so very wide,
     You needs must think—if you should think—
       The lily maid had died.

     Save that, a little way away,
       I'd watch you for a little while,
     To see you speak, the way you speak,
       And smile,—if you should smile.


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