Millay was a dedicated pacifist during World War I. Lament was published in Millay's collection, Second April (1921).
Lament by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Private Edward Gore Gallaway, WWI, 1916
Lament by Edna St. Vincent Millay

     Listen, children:
     Your father is dead.
     From his old coats
     I'll make you little jackets;
     I'll make you little trousers
     From his old pants.
     There'll be in his pockets
     Things he used to put there,
     Keys and pennies
     Covered with tobacco;
     Dan shall have the pennies
     To save in his bank;
     Anne shall have the keys
     To make a pretty noise with.
     Life must go on,
     And the dead be forgotten;
     Life must go on,
     Though good men die;
     Anne, eat your breakfast;
     Dan, take your medicine;
     Life must go on;
     I forget just why.

Lament is featured in our collection of World War I Literature


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