The Dragon-Fly


The Dragon-Fly was first published in Vanity Fair in February, 1922.
The Dragon-Fly by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Gustave Moreau, The Dragonfly, 1884
The Dragon-Fly by Edna St. Vincent Millay
I wound myself in a white cocoon of singing,
  All day long in the brook's uneven bed,
  Measuring out my soul in a mucous thread;
Dimly now to the brook's green bottom clinging,
  Men behold me, a worm spun-out and dead,
Walled in an iron house of silky singing.

Nevertheless at length, O reedy shallows,
  Not as a plodding nose to the slimy stem,
  But as a brazen wing with a spangled hem,
Over the jewel-weed and the pink marsh-mallows,
  Free of these and making a song of them,
I shall arise, and a song of the reedy shallows!


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