The Arrogant Frog and the Superior Bull


The Arrogant Frog and the Superior Bull is a parody told in rhyme, of fables by La Fontaine and Aesop's Fables. It was published in Carryl's Fables for the Frivolous (1898), illustrated by Peter Newell.
The Arrogant Frog and the Superior Bull
Peter Newell illustration, "He Strove to Grow Rotunder"
Once, on a time and in a place
    Conducive to malaria,
  There lived a member of the race
    Of Rana Temporaria;
      Or, more concisely still, a frog
      Inhabited a certain bog.

  A bull of Brobdingnagian size,
    Too proud for condescension,
  One morning chanced to cast his eyes
    Upon the frog I mention;
      And, being to the manner born,
      Surveyed him with a lofty scorn.

  Perceiving this, the bactrian's frame
    With anger was inflated,
  Till, growing larger, he became
    Egregiously elated;
      For inspiration's sudden spell
      Had pointed out a way to swell.

  "Ha! ha!" he proudly cried, "a fig
    For this, your mammoth torso!
  Just watch me while I grow as big
    As you--or even more so!"
      To which magniloquential gush
      His bullship simply answered "Tush!"

  Alas! the frog's success was slight,
    Which really was a wonder,
  In view of how with main and might
    He strove to grow rotunder!
      And, standing patiently the while,
      The bull displayed a quiet smile.

  But ah, the frog tried once too oft
    And, doing so, he busted;
  Whereat the bull discreetly coughed
    And moved away, disgusted,
      As well he might, considering
      The wretched taste that marked the thing.

      THE MORAL: Everybody knows
      How ill a wind it is that blows.

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