To The River Yvette


    O lovely river of Yvette!
        O darling river! like a bride,
    Some dimpled, bashful, fair Lisette,
        Thou goest to wed the Orge's tide.

    Maincourt, and lordly Dampierre,
        See and salute thee on thy way,
    And, with a blessing and a prayer,
        Ring the sweet bells of St. Forget.

    The valley of Chevreuse in vain
        Would hold thee in its fond embrace;
    Thou glidest from its arms again
        And hurriest on with swifter pace.

    Thou wilt not stay; with restless feet
        Pursuing still thine onward flight,
    Thou goest as one in haste to meet
        Her sole desire, her head's delight.

    O lovely river of Yvette!
        O darling stream! on balanced wings
    The wood-birds sang the chansonnette
        That here a wandering poet sings.


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