An Autumn Sunset
    The twilight is sad and cloudy,
        The wind blows wild and free,
    And like the wings of sea-birds
        Flash the white caps of the sea.

    But in the fisherman's cottage
        There shines a ruddier light,
    And a little face at the window
        Peers out into the night.

    Close, close it is pressed to the window,
        As if those childish eyes
    Were looking into the darkness,
        To see some form arise.

    And a woman's waving shadow
        Is passing to and fro,
    Now rising to the ceiling,
        Now bowing and bending low.

    What tale do the roaring ocean,
        And the night-wind, bleak and wild,
    As they beat at the crazy casement,
        Tell to that little child?

    And why do the roaring ocean,
        And the night-wind, wild and bleak,
    As they beat at the heart of the mother,
        Drive the color from her cheek?


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