My First Alphabet


A vintage collection of illustrated alphabet plates from My First Picture Book, Printed in colours by Kronheim (1875). Some of the picture words may puzzle modern day parents and toddlers, such as "Yew" and "Urn." Please note that illustrations for "J" and "X" were not included.
A a Ark B b Baby C c Cat D d Dog My First Alphabet Letters A-D
E e Ear F f Fan G g Gate H h House My First Alphabet Letters E-H
I i Inn K k Key L l Loaf M m Man My First Alphabet Letters I-M
N n Nut O o Owl P p Pan Q q Queen My First Alphabet Letters N-Q
R r Rat S s Sea T t Tart U u Urn My First Alphabet Letters R-U
V v Vine W w Wall Y y Yew Z z Zebra My First Alphabet Letters V-Z

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