Louisa's Favorite Books


Louisa May Alcott listed her favorite books in a journal entry when she was 20 years, and resolved to read them in 1852. Read more of Alcott's letters and poems in Louisa May Alcott: Her Life, Letters, and Journals (1889).
Louisa's Favorite Books

1852.--Made a resolution to read fewer novels, and those only of the best.

List of books I like:–

Carlyle's French Revolution and Miscellanies.
Hero and Hero-Worship.
Goethe's poems, plays, and novels.
Plutarch's Lives.
Madame Guion.
Paradise Lost and Comus.
Schiller's Plays.
Madame de Staël.
Louis XIV.
Jane Eyre.
Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Emerson's Poems.

Enjoy reading Louisa's favorite novels, some are featured in our Classic Novels Library.


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