Mother Goose

A picture of the author Mother Goose

Mother Goose is the most recognized anonymous "author" of popular children's nursery rhymes. Credit for her fabrication goes to Charles Perrault, the creator of the fairy tale genre and first to name her in a book which became known by its subtitle, Tales of My Mother Goose (1695).

Nursery rhymes have been retold and illustrated in countless versions over the centuries, so American Literature selected what we consider to be the very best: William Wallace Denslow's Mother Goose by Anonymous (1901) for his cherubic, mischievous, and nostalgic illustrations of beloved nursery rhymes. Enjoy his collection in American Literature's Short Stories for Children. Perfect as bedtime stories, or to read, chant, or sing with your favorite children. Enjoy reminiscing and exploring Pre-K Wordplay!, and when it's bedtime, Lullabies from around the world

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