Hink Pink Riddles


Hink Pinks are riddles in which the answers are two rhyming words, one syllable each. Hover over the image when you are ready to check your answer! For older children, you may not want to show them the picture clues, just read the question. Ready to try more? Try two-two syllable rhyming words, Hinky Pinkie Riddles
Hink Pink Riddles
Hink Pink: What do you call a little toy you like to hug?

Remember! All Hink Pink answers are two rhyming words, one syllable each. Hover over the picture only when you are ready to see the answer.

What do you call a tubby feline? Hink Pink: Fat Cat

What is a large truck? Hink Pink: Fat-Cat

What is a container used to cook soup? Hink Pink: Hot-Pot

How would you tell your dad to jump? Hink Pink: Hop-Pop

What would a wise bird use to dry off after a bath? Hink Pink: Owl Towel

What do you call your dog when she comes in from the rain? Hink Pink: Wet-Pet

What do you call a boy who does something wrong? Hink Pink: Bad-Lad

What's a baby chicken who doesn't like to spend money? Hink Pink: Cheap-Peep

What do you call water fowl that escaped? Hink Pink: Loose-Goose

What do you call something your mom bakes for dessert, just for you? Hink Pink: My-Pie

What's a little toy you might like to hug? Hink Pink: Small-Doll

What do you call a playground at night? Hink Pink: Dark-Park

How many syllables are in this expression? "See you later, alligator!"

Answer to last question above? 8
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