Satan Speaks


Satan Speaks is featured in Lewis's poetry collection, Spirits in Bondage (1919), his first published book.
From Retrospection
Ivicabrlic, Spider web with morning dew, 2011
I am Nature, the Mighty Mother,
     I am the law: ye have none other.

     I am the flower and the dewdrop fresh,
     I am the lust in your itching flesh.

     I am the battle's filth and strain,
     I am the widow's empty pain.

     I am the sea to smother your breath,
     I am the bomb, the falling death.

     I am the fact and the crushing reason
     To thwart your fantasy's new-born treason.

     I am the spider making her net,
     I am the beast with jaws blood-wet.

     I am a wolf that follows the sun
     And I will catch him ere day be done.


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