Letter from town: the almond tree


YOU promised to send me some violets. Did you
  White ones and blue ones from under the orchard
  Sweet dark purple, and white ones mixed for a
Of our early love that hardly has opened yet.
Here there's an almond tree—you have never seen
  Such a one in the north—it flowers on the street,
     and I stand
  Every day by the fence to look up for the flowers
     that expand
At rest in the blue, and wonder at what they mean.
Under the almond tree, the happy lands
  Provence, Japan, and Italy repose,
  And passing feet are chatter and clapping of
Who play around us, country girls clapping their
You, my love, the foremost, in a flowered gown,
  All your unbearable tenderness, you with the
  Startled upon your eyes now so wide with here-
You with loose hands of abandonment hanging


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