On that day


   ON that day
I shall put roses on roses, and cover your grave
With multitude of white roses: and since you were
   One bright red ray.
   So people, passing under
The ash-trees of the valley-road, will raise
Their eyes and look at the grave on the hill, in
   Wondering mount, and put the flowers asunder
   To see whose praise
Is blazoned here so white and so bloodily red.
Then they will say: "'Tis long since she is dead,
   Who has remembered her after many days?"
   And standing there
They will consider how you went your ways
Unnoticed among them, a still queen lost in the
   Of this earthly affair.
   A queen, they'll say,
Has slept unnoticed on a forgotten hill.
Sleeps on unknown, unnoticed there, until
   Dawns my insurgent day.


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