The Broom, The Shovel, the Poker and the Tongs


The Broom, The Shovel, the Poker and the Tongs is from Edward Lear's collection of poems, The Jumblies, and Other Nonsense Verses (1910?). Lear's poems continue to delight and build confidence in early readers.

illustration for The Broom, the Shovel, the Poker and the Tongs I. THE Broom and the Shovel, the Poker and Tongs, They all took a drive in the Park, And they each sang a song, Ding-a-dong! Ding-a-dong! Before they went back in the dark. Mr. Poker he sat quite upright in the coach, Mr. Tongs made a clatter and clash, Miss Shovel was dressed all in black (with a brooch), Mrs. Broom was in blue (with a sash). Ding-a-dong! Ding-a-dong! And they all sang a song! II. “O Shovely so lovely!” the Poker he sang, “You have perfectly conquered my heart! “Ding-a-dong! Ding-a-dong! If you’re pleased with my song “I will feed you with cold apple tart! “When you scrape up the coals with a delicate sound, “You enrapture my life with delight! “Your nose is so shiny! your head is so round! “And your shape is so slender and bright! “Ding-a-dong! Ding-a-dong! “Ain’t you pleased with my song?” III. “Alas! Mrs. Broom!” sighed the Tongs in his song, “O is it because I’m so thin, “And my legs are so long—Ding-a-dong! Ding-a-dong! “That you don’t care about me a pin? “Ah! fairest of creatures, when sweeping the room, “Ah! why don’t you heed my complaint? “Must you needs be so cruel, you beautiful Broom, “Because you are covered with paint? “Ding-a-dong! Ding-a-dong! “You are certainly wrong!” IV. Mrs. Broom and Miss Shovel together they sang, “What nonsense you’re singing to-day!” Said the Shovel, “I’ll certainly hit you a bang!” Said the Broom, “And I’ll sweep you away!” So the Coachman drove homeward as fast as he could, Perceiving their anger with pain; But they put on the kettle, and little by little They all became happy again. Ding-a-dong! Ding-a-dong! There’s an end of my song! illustration for The Broom, the Shovel, the Poker and the Tongs 2

Think how much fun can be had with a simple broom! dancing, jumping, singing, flying, dress up..oh, and cleaning. You might also enjoy this poem celebrating a broom, The Broom. Explore more Pre-K Wordplay!


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