The Broom


The Broom is a fun poem about an every day object they know, perfect for young children learning vowel sounds. Published in Three Minute Stories, illustrations by Josephine H. Bruce (1914).
The Broom 
Swish! swish! swish! swish!

A servant does my lady wish?
Here I hang against the wall,
Spruce and slender, straight and tall.
Take me down, and then, you know,
Swiftly to my work I’ll go.

Steady, even strokes and strong!
So I sweep the dust along.
Throw the windows wide, that so
[120]Out the dusky cloud may go.
Swish, and swish! now whirl away!
No more dust for us to-day!

In the corners now I rout,
Poking every atom out.
At the ceiling now I dash:
Lurking spiders feel my lash.
Cobweb, fly, and spider grey,
Out you come! away! away!

Swish, swee! swish, swee!
Sweeping is the game for me!
If, my little maid, you mean
Still to keep things neat and clean,
Trim and shining in your room,
Come to me, your friend the Broom!

Think how much fun can be had with a simple broom! dancing, jumping, singing, flying, dress up..oh, and cleaning. You might also enjoy this poem celebrating a broom, The Broom, the Shovel, the Poker, and the Tongs. Explore more Pre-K Wordplay!


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