Plunge is featured in one of Pound's best-known collections, Ripostes (1912).
Adit Yamadhav, Simhachalam Temple steps, 2010
I would bathe myself in strangeness:
These comforts heaped upon me,
smother me!
I burn, I scald so for the new,
New friends, new faces,
Oh to be out of this,
This that is all I wanted
—save the new.
And you,
Love, you the much, the more desired!
Do I not loathe all walls, streets, stones,
All mire, mist, all fog,
All ways of traffic?
You, I would have flow over me like water,
Oh, but far out of this!
Grass, and low fields, and hills,
And sun,
Oh, sun enough!
Out and alone, among some
Alien people!


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