The Needle


The Needle is featured in one of Pound's best-known collections, Ripostes (1912).
Ebb Tide
Low Tide Rocks at St. Baldred's Cradle, Tyninghame
Come, or the stellar tide will slip away,
Eastward avoid the hour of its decline,
Now! for the needle trembles in my soul!

Here have we had our vantage, the good hour.
Here we have had our day, your day and mine.
Come now, before this power
That bears us up, shall turn against the pole.

Mock not the flood of stars, the thing's to be.
O Love, come now, this land turns evil slowly.
The waves bore in, soon will they bear away.

The treasure is ours, make we fast land with it.
Move we and take the tide, with its next favour,
Under some neutral force
Until this course turneth aside.


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