Every Afternoon


Every Afternoon: A Dialogue was published in Stein's collection, Geography and Plays (1922).
Every Afternoon
Walter Firle, Two girls at the window, 1903
I get up.
So do you get up.
We are pleased with each other.
Why are you.
Because we are hopeful.
Have you any reason to be.
We have reason to be.
What is it.
I am not prepared to say.
Is there any change.
I know what you mean.
I consider that it is not necessary for me to teach languages.
It would be foolish of you to.
It would here.
It would anywhere.
I do not care about Peru.
I hope you do.

Do I begin this.
Yes you began this.
Of course we did.
Yes indeed we did.
When will we speak of another.
Not today I assure you.
Yes certainly you mentioned it.
We mentioned everything.
To another.
I do not wish reasons.
You mean you are taught early.
That is exactly what I mean.
And I feel the same.
You feel it to be the same.
Don't tempt him.
Do not tempt him.
This evening there was no question of temptation 
he was not the least interested.
Neither was she.
Of course she wasn't.
It's really not necessary to ask her.
I found it necessary.
You did
And when have you leisure.
Reading and knitting.
Reading or knitting.
Reading or knitting.
Yes reading or knitting.
In the evening.
Actively first.
He was very settled.
Where was he settled.
In Marseilles.
I cannot understand words.
Cannot you.
You are so easily deceived you don't ask what 
do they decide what are they to decide.
There is no reason.
No there is no reason.
Between meals.
Do you really sew.
He was so necessary to me.
We are equally pleased.
Come and stay.
Do so.
Do you mean to be rude.
Did he.
I ask you why.
Yes tomorrow.
Every afternoon.
A dialogue.
What did you do with your dog.
We sent him into the country.
Was he a trouble.
Not at all but we thought he would be better off there.
Yes it isn't right to keep a large dog in the city.
Yes I agree with you.
Yes certainly.
Do be quick.
Not in breathing.
No you know you don't mind.
We said yes.
Come ahead.
That sounded like an animal.
Were you expecting something.
I don't know.
Don't you know about it at all.
You know I don't believe it.
She did.
Well they are different
I am not very careful.
Mention that again.
Not here.
Don't receive wood.
Don't receive wood.
Well we went and found it.
Come tomorrow.
Come tomorrow.
Yes we said yes. Come tomorrow.
Coming very well. Don't be irritable. Don't say you haven't been told. 
You know I want a telegram. Why. Because emperors didn't.
I don't remember that.
I don't care for a long time.
For a long time to pass away.
Why not.
Because I like him.
That's what she said.
We said.
We will gladly come Saturday.
She will go.
Oh yes she will.
What is a conversation.
We can all sing.
A great many people come in.
A great many people come in.
Why do the days pass so quickly.
Because we are very happy.
Yes that's so.
That's it.
That is it.
Who cares for daisies.
Do you hear me.
Yes I can hear you.
Very well then explain.
That I care for daisies.
That we care for daisies.
Come in come in.
Yes and I will not cry.
No indeed.
We will picnic.
Oh yes.
We are very happy.
Very happy.
And content.
And content.
We will go and hear Tito Ruffo.
Yes here.
Oh yes I remember about that. He is to be here.
To begin with what did we buy.
If you remember you will remember other things that frighten you.
Will I.
Yes and there is no necessity the explanation is not 
in your walking first of walking last of walking beside 
me the only reason that there is plenty of room is that I choose it.
Then we will say that it will rain.
The other day there was bright moonlight.
Not here.
No not here but on the whole there is more moonlight than in Brittany.
Come again.
Come in again.
Coming again.
Coming in again.
Come again.
I say I do understand calling.
Calling him.
Yes Polybe.
Come again and bring a book.
We meet him so often.
We meant to see about it. You mean the light.
I am proud of her. You have every reason to be and 
she takes it so naturally.
It is better that it is her hands.
Yes of course.
Nothing can pay for that.
Republics are so ungrateful.
Do you desire to appear here.
Why of course in that sense.
I do not know those words.
It is really wretched.
You do see it.
I don't see it that way.
No you wouldn't you would prefer the words well and tall.
Say it to me.
You know I never wished to be blamed.
An effort to eat quickly.
Did you promise him.
Did I promise him the woods.
The woods.
Not now.
You mean not now.


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