From The Conflict Of Convictions



The Ancient of Days forever is young,
  Forever the scheme of Nature thrives;
I know a wind in purpose strong—
  It spins against the way it drives.
What if the gulfs their slimed foundations
So deep must the stones be hurled
Whereon the throes of ages rear
The final empire and the happier world.
  Power unanointed may come—
Dominion (unsought by the free)
  And the Iron Dome,
Stronger for stress and strain,
Fling her huge shadow athwart the main;
But the Founders' dream shall flee.
Age after age has been,
(From man's changeless heart their way they
And death be busy with all who strive—
Death, with silent negative.

   Yea and Nay— Each hath his say; But God He keeps the middle way. None was by When He spread the sky; Wisdom is vain, and prophecy.


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