Aurora Borealis


Commemorative of the Dissolution of armies at the Peace! May, 1865

What power disbands the Northern Lights
  After their steely play?
The lonely watcher feels an awe
  Of Nature's sway,
    As when appearing,
    He marked their flashed uprearing
  In the cold gloom—
  Retreatings and advancings,
(Like dallyings of doom),
  Transitions and enhancings,
      And bloody ray.
The phantom-host has faded quite,
  Splendor and Terror gone
Portent or promise—and gives way
  To pale, meek Dawn;
    The coming, going,
    Alike in wonder showing—
  Alike the God,
  Decreeing and commanding
The million blades that glowed,
  The muster and disbanding—
      Midnight and Morn.


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