Sharing Eve's Apple



    O Blush not so! O blush not so!
    Or I shall think you knowing;
    And if you smile the blushing while,
    Then maidenheads are going.


    There's a blush for want, and a blush for shan't,
    And a blush for having done it;
    There's a blush for thought, and a blush for nought,
    And a blush for just begun it.


    O sigh not so! O sigh not so!
    For it sounds of Eve's sweet pippin;
    By these loosen'd lips you have tasted the pips
    And fought in an amorous nipping.


    Will you play once more at nice-cut-core,
    For it only will last our youth out,
    And we have the prime of the kissing time,
    We have not one sweet tooth out.


    There's a sigh for aye, and a sigh for nay,
    And a sigh for "I can't bear it!"
    O what can be done, shall we stay or run?
    O cut the sweet apple and share it!


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