The Devon Maid: Stanzas Sent In A Letter To B. R. Haydon


    Where be ye going, you Devon maid?
    And what have ye there i' the basket?
    Ye tight little fairy, just fresh from the dairy,
    Will ye give me some cream if I ask it?

    I love your meads, and I love your flowers,
    And I love your junkets mainly,
    But 'hind the door, I love kissing more,
    O look not so disdainly!

    I love your hills, and I love your dales,
    And I love your flocks a-bleating;
    But O, on the heather to lie together,
    With both our hearts a-beating!

    I'll put your basket all safe in a nook,
    Your shawl I'll hang up on this willow,
    And we will sigh in the daisy's eye,
    And kiss on a grass-green pillow.


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