Two Or Three


    Two or three Posies
    With two or three simples,
    Two or three Noses
    With two or three pimples,
    Two or three wise men
    And two or three ninny's,
    Two or three guineas,
    Two or three raps
    At two or three doors,
    Two or three naps
    Of two or three hours,
    Two or three Cats
    And two or three mice,
    Two or three sprats
    At a very great price,
    Two or three sandies
    And two or three tabbies,
    Two or three dandies
    And two Mrs. ---
    Two or three Smiles
    And two or three frowns,
    Two or three Miles
    To two or three towns,
    Two or three pegs
    For two or three bonnets,
    Two or three dove eggs
    To hatch into sonnets.


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