M.R. James

A picture of the author M.R. James

Montague Rhodes James (1862 - 1936) was an English born medieval scholar and provost of King's College, Cambridge from 1905 - 1918 and then moved on to Eton College from 1918 - 1936.

Best known for his ghost stories, M.R. James invigorated the genre by using more realistic and contemporary settings than his predecessors. He is known as the originator of the "antiquarian ghost story." James published his first collection, Ghost Stories of an Antiquary, in 1904. Most of our favorite stories featured here are from this collection.

M.R. James, Ghost Stories of an Antiquary, 1904Although he is famous for his ghost stories, M.R. James was a formidable scholar and his medieval scholarship is still held in high regard in today's academic circles.

James is featured in our Gothic Literature Study Guide Enjoy many of his stories, along with plenty of other spooky tales in our collections, Gothic, Ghost, Horror & Weird Library and Halloween Stories

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