A Pageant Of Elizabeth


A Pageant of Elizabeth is Kipling's tribute to the "Virgin Queen" born in 1533 who reigned for 44 years, ushering in the Elizabethan Age of achievement in literature (Shakespeare), exploration (Drake) and military might (defeated Spanish Armada).
A Pageant Of Elizabeth
Robert Peake, Procession of Elizabeth I, 1600
Like Princes crowned they bore them,
Like Demi-Gods they wrought,
When the New World lay before them
In headlong fact and thought.
Fate and their foemen proved them
Above all meed of praise,
And Gloriana loved them,
And Shakespeare wrote them plays!
 . . . . . . .
Now Valour, Youth, and Life's delight break forth
In flames of wondrous deed, and thought sublime,
Lightly to mould new worlds or lightly loose
Words that shall shake and shape all after-time!

Giants with giants, wits with wits engage,
And England-England-England takes the breath
Of morning, body and soul, till the great Age
Fulfills in one great chord: Elizabeth!


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