The Friends


    I had some friends, but I dreamed that they were dead,
    Who used to dance with lanterns round a little boy in bed;
    Green and white lanterns that waved to and fro:
    But I haven’t seen a Firefly since ever so long ago!

    I had some friends, their crowns were in the sky,
    Who used to nod and whisper when a little boy went by,
    As the nuts began to tumble and the breeze began to blow:
    And I haven’t seen a Cocoa-palm since ever so long ago!

    I had a friend, he came up from Cape Horn,
    With a Coal-sack on his shoulder when a little boy was born.
    He heard me learn to talk, and he helped me thrive and grow:
    But I haven’t seen the Southern Cross since ever so long ago!

    I had a boat, I out and let her drive,
    Till I found my dream was foolish, for my friends were all alive.
    The Cocoa-palms were real, and the Southern Cross was true:
    And the Fireflies were dancing, so I danced too!


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