That Which Remaineth


That Which Remaineth was published in Brittain's collection, Verses of a V.A.D. in 1918. Visit World War I Literature for other works by authors who experienced the War.
That Which Remaineth
(In Memory of Captain E. H. Brittain, M.C.)

Only the thought of a merry smile,
The wistful dreaming of sad brown eyes—
A brave young warrior, face aglow
With the light of a lofty enterprise.
Only the hope of a gallant heart,
The steady strife for a deathless crown,
In Memory’s treasures, radiant now
With the gleam of a goal beyond renown.
Only the tale of a dream fulfilled,
A strenuous day and a well-fought fight,
A fearless leader who laughed at Death,
And the fitting end of a gentle knight.
Only a Cross on a mountain side,
The close of a journey short and rough,
A sword laid down and a stainless shield—
No more—and yet, is it not enough?

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