W. W. Jacobs

A picture of the author W. W. Jacobs

Although The Monkey's Paw was included in the collection of Twenty Great American Stories, the fact is and stubbornly remains that W.W. Jacobs was born an English rather than American writer. William Wymark Jacobs was born in Wapping, London, England in 1863 and remained with us until 1943.

While Jacobs is best known for his horror story The Monkey's Paw, his body of larger work is known for its humor. His father worked as a dockhand and wharf manager on the South Devon Wharf. Jacobs seems to draw heavily upon his father's experiences working at the docks and his stories often feature the adventures of wayward seamen and mariners working themselves in and out of precarious predicaments.

W.W. Jacobs has become one of my favorite short story writers. If you are an enthusiastic reader of short stories I encourage you to explore more deeply into his short story collections. His stories are consistently well written and often of optimal length with most stories taking about fifteen minutes to read.

On this page you will find an exhaustive listing of his short stories. He is also a featured writer in our gallery of favorite Short Story Collections and Gothic Literature Study Guide. Enjoy reading his works and many other spooky tales in our Gothic, Ghost, Horror & Weird Library and Halloween Stories

Enjoy some illustrated Short Stories from W. W. Jacobs; click to read.

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Short Stories

A Benefit Performance
A Black Affair
A Case of Desertion
A Change of Treatment
A Circular Tour
A Disciplinarian
A Distant Relative
Admiral Peters
After the Inquest
A Garden Plot
A Golden Venture
A Harbor Refuge
Alf's Dream
A Love-Knot
A Love Passage
A Marked Man
A Mixed Proposal
An Adulteration Act
An Elaborate Elopement
Angels' Visits
An Intervention
An Odd Freak
A Rash Experiment
A Spirit of Avarice
A Tiger's Skin
Back to Back
Bill's Lapse
Bill's Paper Chase
Blundell's Improvement
Bob's Redemption
Breaking a Spell
Brevet Rank
Brother Hutchins
Captain Rogers
Captains All
"Choice Spirits"
Contraband of War
Cupboard Love
Dirty Work
Dixon's Return
Double Dealing
Dual Control
Easy Money
English Fairy Tale: Tamlane
Establishing Relations
Fairy Gold
False Colours
Fine Feathers
For Better or Worse
Friends in Need
Good Intentions
Head of the Family
Her Uncle
His Lordship
His Other Self
Homeward Bound
In Borrowed Plumes
In Limehouse Reach
In Mid-Atlantic
In the Family
In the Library
Jerry Bundler
Keeping up Appearances
Keeping Watch
Lawyer Quince
Low Water
Made To Measure
"Manners Makyth Man"
Matrimonial Openings
Mixed Relations
Money Changers
Mrs. Bunker's Chaperone
Odd Charges
Odd Man Out
Over the Side
Paying Off
Peter's Pence
Pickled Herring
Private Clothes
Prize Money
Rival Beauties
Rule of Three
Safety Match
Sam's Boy
Sam's Ghost
Sentence Deferred
Skilled Assistance
Smoked Skipper
Stepping Backwards
Striking Hard
The Bequest
The Boatswain's Mate
The Boatswain's Watch
The Bully of the "Cavendish"
The Cabin Passenger
The Castaway
The Changeling
The Changing Numbers
The Constables Move
The Cook of the "Gannet"
The Disbursement Sheet
The Dreamer
The Four Pigeons
The Grey Parrot
The Guardian Angel
The Head of the Family
The Lady of the Barge
The Lost Ship
The Madness of Mr. Lister
The Money-Box
The Monkey's Paw
The Nest Egg
The Old Man of the Sea
The Persecution of Bob Pretty
The Ressurrection of Mr. Wiggett
The Skipper of the "Osprey"
The Substitute
The Temptation of Samuel Burge
The Test
The Third String
The Three Sisters
The Toll-House
The Understudy
The Unknown
The Vigil
The Weaker Vessel
The Well
The White Cat
The Winter Offensive
Three at Table
To Have and to Hold
Tow of a Trade
Twin Spirits

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