Jackhammer John


Jackhammer John music and lyrics were published in 1946 in Guthrie's song book, offered in the public domain.
Jackhammer John
Woody Guthrie Songbook, 1946
I'm Jackhammer John
A jackhammer man
Born with a jackhammer
In my hand
Lord Lord I got them
Jackhammer Blues.

Jackhammer man
From a jackhammer town
Built every port
From the North Pole down
Lord God, I got them
Jackhammer blues.

Hammered in the rain
Hammered in the dust
Hammered in the best
And I hammered in the worst
Hammered in the east
Hammered in the west
Hammered to the one
That I like best
Hey, hey, hey
I got them jackhammer blues.

Hammered under water
Hammered under rock
Hammer on the railroad
Hammer on the docks
Yes, yes, yes
I got them jackhammer blues.

Hammer in the mill
Hammer in the mine
Hammered outta jail a hundred time
Great Good God
I got them jackhammer blues.

Jackhammer hackhammer
Where you been
Been outta chasin them gals again
Ho, ho, ho
Well I got them jackhammer blues.

See my woman
When the sun goes down
Grab my hammer
And go to town
Yes folks
I got them jackhammer blues.

Made every state in the
Red white and blue
Looking for a jackhammer job to do
Ride easy
I got them jackhammer blues.

Got a jackhammer woman
Just sweet as pie
Hammer on the hammer
Till the day I die
Lord God have mercy
I got them jackhammer blues.


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