A Horseman in the Sky: Phillipi Races, Western Virginia
A Horseman in the Sky

A Horseman in the Sky - Study Guide

One of Ambrose Bierce's most read stories, A Horseman in the Sky (1889) is a vivid account of difficult ethical choices during wartime. We hope this guide is particularly useful for students and teachers.

Here's the story: A Horseman in the Sky, Character Analysis & Summary, Genre & Themes, Literary Devices & Vocabulary, Historical Context, Quotes, Discussion Questions, Paired Reading Recommendations, Useful Links, and Notes/Teacher Comments

A Horseman in the Sky: West Virginia Mountains
View from Seneca Rocks, North Fork Mountain near Grafton, West Virginia

Character Analysis & Summary

Character Analysis

Plot Summary

A Horseman in the Sky
Man on Horseback, 1634

Genre & Themes



A Horseman in the Sky: William Scott, The Sleeping Sentinel Poem by Francis De Haes Janvier
The Sleeping Sentinel, William Scott

Literary Devices & Vocabulary

Literary Devices