The Secret Adversary

The Secret Adversary

The Secret Adversary was published in 1922, Christie's second detective fiction novel. We feature it in our collection of Detective Novels.

Table of Contents


Chapter I. The Young Adventurers, Ltd.

Chapter II. Mr. Whittington's Offer

Chapter III. A Set Back

Chapter IV. Who is Jane Finn?

Chapter V. Mr. Julius P. Hersheimmer

Chapter VI. A Plan of Campaign

Chapter VII. The House in Soho

Chapter VIII. The Adventures of Tommy

Chapter IX. Tuppence Enters Domestic Service

Chapter X. Enter Sir James Peel Edgerton

Chapter XI. Julius Tells a Story

Chapter XII. A Friend in Need

Chapter XIII. The Vigil

Chapter XIV. A Consultation

Chapter XV. Tuppence Receives a Proposal

Chapter XVI. Further Adventures of Tommy

Chapter XVII. Annette

Chapter XVIII. The Telegram

Chapter XIX. Jane Finn

Chapter XX. Too Late

Chapter XXI. Tommy Makes a Discovery

Chapter XXII. In Downing Street

Chapter XXIII. A Race Against Time

Chapter XXIV. Julius Takes a Hand

Chapter XXV. Jane's Story

Chapter XXVI. Mr. Brown

Chapter XXVII. A Supper Party at the Savoy

Chapter XXVIII. And After

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