Boris Godunov

by Alexsander Pushkin

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Castle of the Governor


   Dressing-Room of Marina

   MARINA, ROUZYA (dressing her), Serving-Women

   (Before a mirror.) Now then, is it ready? Cannot
   you make haste?

   ROUZYA. I pray you first to make the difficult choice;
   Will you the necklace wear of pearls, or else
   The emerald half-moon?

   MARINA.              My diamond crown.

   ROUZYA. Splendid! Do you remember that you wore it
   When to the palace you were pleased to go?
   They say that at the ball your gracious highness
   Shone like the sun; men sighed, fair ladies whispered—
   'Twas then that for the first time young Khotkevich
   Beheld you, he who after shot himself.
   And whosoever looked on you, they say
   That instant fell in love.

   MARINA.                  Can't you be quicker?

   ROUZYA. At once. Today your father counts upon you.
   'Twas not for naught the young tsarevich saw you;
   He could not hide his rapture; wounded he is
   Already; so it only needs to deal him
   A resolute blow, and instantly, my lady,
   He'll be in love with you. 'Tis now a month
   Since, quitting Cracow, heedless of the war
   And throne of Moscow, he has feasted here,
   Your guest, enraging Poles alike and Russians.
   Heavens! Shall I ever live to see the day?—
   Say, you will not, when to his capital
   Dimitry leads the queen of Moscow, say
   You'll not forsake me?

   MARINA.              Dost thou truly think
   I shall be queen?

   ROUZYA.         Who, if not you? Who here
   Dares to compare in beauty with my mistress?
   The race of Mnishek never yet has yielded
   To any. In intellect you are beyond
   All praise.—Happy the suitor whom your glance
   Honours with its regard, who wins your heart—
   Whoe'er he be, be he our king, the dauphin
   Of France, or even this our poor tsarevich
   God knows who, God knows whence!

   MARINA.                        The very son
   Of the tsar, and so confessed by the whole world.

   ROUZYA. And yet last winter he was but a servant
   In the house of Vishnevetsky.

   MARINA.                     He was hiding.

   ROUZYA. I do not question it: but still do you know
   What people say about him? That perhaps
   He is a deacon run away from Moscow,
   In his own district a notorious rogue.

   MARINA. What nonsense!

   ROUZYA.              O, I do not credit it!
   I only say he ought to bless his fate
   That you have so preferred him to the others.

   WAITING-WOMAN. (Runs in.) The guests have come already.

   MARINA.                           There you see;
   You're ready to chatter silliness till daybreak.
   Meanwhile I am not dressed—

   ROUZYA.                   Within a moment
   'Twill be quite ready.

   (The Waiting-women bustle.)

   MARINA. (Aside.)     I must find out all.


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