Boris Godunov

by Alexsander Pushkin

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Dramatis Personae

BORIS GODUNOV, afterwards Tsar.
  PRINCE SHUISKY, Russian noble.
  PRINCE VOROTINSKY, Russian noble.
  SHCHELKALOV, Russian Minister of State.
  FATHER PIMEN, an old monk and chronicler.
  GREGORY OTREPIEV, a young monk, afterwards the Pretender
  to the throne of Russia.
  THE PATRIARCH, Abbot of the Chudov Monastery.
  MISSAIL, wandering friar.
  VARLAAM, wandering friar.
  FEODOR, young son of Boris Godunov.
  SEMYON NIKITICH GODUNOV, secret agent of Boris Godunov.
  GABRIEL PUSHKIN, nephew of A. M. Pushkin.
  PRINCE KURBSKY, disgraced Russian noble.
  KHRUSHCHOV, disgraced Russian noble.
  KARELA, a Cossack.
  MNISHEK, Governor of Sambor.
  BASMANOV, a Russian officer.
  MARZHERET, officer of the Pretender.
  ROZEN, officer of the Pretender.
  DIMITRY, the Pretender, formerly Gregory Otrepiev.
  MOSALSKY, a Boyar.
  KSENIA, daughter of Boris Godunov.
  NURSE of Ksenia.
  MARINA, daughter of Mnishek.
  ROUZYA, tire-woman of Ksenia.
  HOSTESS of tavern.

Other characters: Boyars, The People, Inspectors, Officers, Attendants, Guests, a Boy in attendance on Prince Shuisky, a Catholic Priest, a Polish Noble, a Poet, an Idiot, a Beggar, Gentlemen, Peasants, Guards, Russian, Polish, and German Soldiers, a Russian Prisoner of War, Boys, an old Woman, Ladies, Serving-women.


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