Boris Godunov

by Alexsander Pushkin

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The Red Square


   1ST PERSON. He is inexorable! He thrust from him
   Prelates, boyars, and Patriarch; in vain
   Prostrate they fall; the splendour of the throne
   Affrights him.

   2ND PERSON.  O, my God, who is to rule us?
   O, woe to us!

   3RD PERSON. See! The Chief Minister
   Is coming out to tell us what the Council
   Has now resolved.

   THE PEOPLE.     Silence! Silence! He speaks,
   The Minister of State. Hush, hush! Give ear!

   SHCHELKALOV. (From the Red Balcony.)
   The Council have resolved for the last time
   To put to proof the power of supplication
   Upon our ruler's mournful soul. At dawn,
   After a solemn service in the Kremlin,
   The blessed Patriarch will go, preceded
   By sacred banners, with the holy ikons
   Of Donsky and Vladimir; with him go
   The Council, courtiers, delegates, boyars,
   And all the orthodox folk of Moscow; all
   Will go to pray once more the queen to pity
   Fatherless Moscow, and to consecrate
   Boris unto the crown. Now to your homes
   Go ye in peace: pray; and to Heaven shall rise
   The heart's petition of the orthodox.

   (The PEOPLE disperse.)


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