The Fixed Period

The Fixed Period

The Fixed Period (1882) is Trollope's satirical Dystopian novel dealing with euthanasia to solve the problem of the aged. Set in the Republic of Britannula, a fictional island near New Zealand in the year 1980, it's narrated by the country's president, Neverbend, who as his name implies, sticks to enforcing "The Law" even as aging citizens begin to resist it. Interestingly, Trollope himself was 67 when he wrote the novel, the exact age it prescribes mandatory retirement, and one year to prepare for death. [Cartoon portrait of Trollope by Frederick Waddy, 1872.]

Table of Contents

Volume I - Chapter I - Introduction

Chapter II - Gabriel Crasweller

Chapter III - The First Break-Down

Chapter IV - Jack Neverbend

Chapter V - The Cricket-Match

Chapter VI - The College

Volume II - Chapter VII - Columbus and Galileo

Chapter VIII - The "John Bright"

Chapter IX - The New Governor

Chapter X - The Town-Hall

Chapter XI - Farewell!

Chapter XII - Our Voyage to England

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