The Warden

The Warden

The Warden (1855) is considered Trollope's masterpiece. It was the first and best novel in The Chronicles of Barsetshire series, resulting in Trollope's rise to literary fame. According to Henry James: "'The Warden' is simply the history of an old man's conscience, and Trollope never did anything happier than the picture of this sweet and serious little old gentleman."
[Illustration by William Hough, Ford's Hospital, Coventry, 1857.]

The Warden, frontis
Table of Contents

Chapter I - Hiram's Hospital

Chapter II - The Barchester Reformer

Chapter III - The Bishop of Barchester

Chapter IV - Hiram's Bedesmen

Chapter V - Dr. Grantly Visits the Hospital

Chapter VI - The Warden's Tea Party

Chapter VII - The Jupiter

Chapter VIII - Plumstead Episcopi

Chapter IX - The Conference

Chapter X - Tribulation

Chapter XI - Iphigenia

Chapter XII - Mr. Bold's Visit to Plumstead

Chapter XIII - The Warden's Decision

Chapter XIV - Mount Olympus

Chapter XV - Tom Towers, Dr. Anticant and Mr. Sentiment

Chapter XVI - A Long Day in London

Chapter XVII - Sir Abraham Haphazard

Chapter XVIII - The Warden is Very Obstinate

Chapter XIX - The Warden Resigns

Chapter XX - Farewell

Chapter XXI - Conclusion

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