The House Behind The Cedars

I. A Stranger from South Carolina

II. An Evening Visit

III. The Old Judge

IV. Down the River

V. The Tournament

VI. The Queen of Love and Beauty

VII. 'Mid New Surroundings

VIII. The Courtship

IX. Doubts and Fears

X. The Dream

XI. A Letter and a Journey

XII. Tryon Goes to Patesville

XIII. An Injudicious Payment

XIV. A Loyal Friend

XV. Mine Own People

XVI. The Bottom Falls Out

XVII. Two Letters

XVIII. Under the Old Regime

XIX. God Made Us All

XX. Digging up Roots

XXI. A Gilded Opportunity

XXII. Imperative Business

XXIII. The Guest of Honor

XXIV. Swing Your Partners

XXV. Balance All

XXVI. The Schoolhouse in the Woods

XXVII. An Interesting Acquaintance

XXVIII. The Lost Knife

XXIX. Plato Earns Half a Dollar

XXX. An Unusual Honor

XXXI. In Deep Waters

XXXII. The Power of Love

XXXIII. A Mule and a Cart

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