The Wouldbegoods

The Wouldbegoods

"Children are like jam: all very well in the proper place, but you can't stand them all over the shop—eh, what?" So begins this story by the children's adventure writer, E. Nesbit, in the sequel to The Adventures of the Treasure Seekers. The Wouldbegoods: Being the Further Adventures of the Treasure Seekers was published in 1901.
Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The Jungle

Chapter 2. The Wouldbegoods

Chapter 3. Bill's Tombstone

Chapter 4. The Tower of Mystery

Chapter 5. The Waterworks

Chapter 6. The Circus

Chapter 7. Being Beavers; or, The Young Explorers (Arctic or Otherwise)

Chapter 8. The High-Born Babe

Chapter 9. Hunting the Fox

Chapter 10. The Sale of Antiquities

Chapter 11. The Benevolent Bar

Chapter 12. The Canterbury Pilgrims

Chapter 13. The Dragon's Teeth; or, Army-Seed

Chapter 14. Albert's Uncle's Grandmother; or, The Long-Lost

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