Originally serialized in 1851, Cranford, appeared in Charles Dickens' literary magazine Household Words. It was published in book from in 1853 and is probably Glaskell's most popular novel. The title refers to the town of Cranford where Mary Smith lives in friendship with her friends Miss Matty and Miss Deborah who are sisters. The story line takes form and develops when their long-lost brother returns to the town of Cranford.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Our Society

Chapter 2: The Captain

Chapter 3: A Love Affair of Long Ago

Chapter 4: A Visit to an Old Bachelor

Chapter 5: Old Letters

Chapter 6: Poor Peter

Chapter 7: Visiting

Chapter 8: "Your Ladyship"

Chapter 9: Signor Brunoni

Chapter 10: The Panic

Chapter 11: Samuel Brown

Chapter 12: Engaged to Be Married

Chapter 13: Stopped Payment

Chapter 14: Friends in Need

Chapter 15: A Happy Return

Chapter 16: Peace to Cranford

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