The Soil

The Soil

The Soil: A Realistic Novel was published by Zola in 1888.

The Soil, cover

Table of Contents

Part I - Chapter I

Part I - Chapter II

Part I - Chapter III

Part I - Chapter IV

Part I - Chapter V

Part II - Chapter I

Part II - Chapter II

Part II - Chapter III

Part II - Chapter IV

Part II - Chapter V

Part II - Chapter VI

Part II - Chapter VII

Part III - Chapter I

Part III - Chapter II

Part III - Chapter III

Part III - Chapter IV

Part III - Chapter V

Part III - Chapter VI

Part IV - Chapter I

Part IV - Chapter II

Part IV - Chapter III

Part IV - Chapter IV

Part IV - Chapter V

Part IV - Chapter VI

Part V - Chapter I

Part V - Chapter II

Part V - Chapter III

Part V - Chapter IV

Part V - Chapter V

Part V - Chapter VI

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