A Little Princess

A Little Princess

Sometimes great story becomes lost or forgotten, or doesn't get the attention that it should. A Little Princess is one of those great stories that can transport the reader on a sentimental journey but is not as widely read and appreciated as it should be. The story follows Sara Crewe, who's enjoyment of the student life at a London private school is interrupted when her father dies and she is cast into poverty. It is a well written story that highlights a young girls character and courage. It is highly recommended reading and deserves as much attention as the more well known classic The Secret Garden.

This is a wonderful story for children, and can be found on the Teachers' Top 100 Books for Children list compiled by the National Education Association.

The book cover accompanying this summary is from the the 1905 publication. The story was first published as serialised novel in 1888. It was entitled Sara Crewe: or, What Happened at Miss Minchin's Boarding School and appeared in St. Nicholas Magazine.

Table of Contents

1. Sara

2. A French Lesson

3. Ermengarde

4. Lottie

5. Becky

6. The Diamond Mines

7. The Diamond Mines Again

8. In the Attic

9. Melchisedec

10. The Indian Gentleman

11. Ram Dass

12. The Other Side of the Wall

13. One of the Populace

14. What Melchisedec Heard and Saw

15. The Magic

16. The Visitor

17. "It Is the Child!"

18. "I Tried Not to Be"

19. Anne

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