Miss Crespigny

Miss Crespigny

Miss Crespigny, Ms. Burnett's Earlier Stories, was published in 1879.

"These love stories were written for and printed in Peterson’s Ladies’ Magazine. Owing to the fact that this magazine was not copyrighted, a number of them have been issued in book-form without my consent, and representing the sketches to be my latest work. If these youthful stories are to be read in book form, it is my desire that my friends should see the present edition, which I have revised for the purpose, and which is brought out by my own publishers.

Frances Hodgson Burnett.
October, 1878.

Table of Contents

Chapter I - Lisbeth

Chapter II - Another Gentleman of the Same Name

Chapter III - Pansies for Thought

Chapter IV - A Little Lunch Party

Chapter V - Georgie Esmond

Chapter VI - A Song

Chapter VII - A New Experience

Chapter VIII - I Will Tell You the Truth for Once

Chapter IX - We Must Always Be True

Chapter X - Pen'yllan

Chapter XI - A Confession

Chapter XII - A Visitor

Chapter XIII - A Ghost

Chapter XIV - It Might Have Been Very Sweet

Chapter XV - We Won't Go Yet

Chapter XVI - Yes-- To Lizbeth

Chapter XVII - Good-by

Chapter XVIII - You Think I Have a Secret

Chapter XIX - And That Was the End of It

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