The Possessed

The Possessed; or, The Devils, a novel in three parts, was translated by Constance Garnett and published in 1916.

     Strike me dead, the track has vanished,
     Well, what now? We’ve lost the way,
     Demons have bewitched our horses,
     Led us in the wilds astray.

     What a number! Whither drift they?
     What’s the mournful dirge they sing?
     Do they hail a witch’s marriage
     Or a goblin’s burying?

     A. Pushkin.

Table of Contents

Part I - Chapter I - Introductory

Chapter II - Prince Harry. Matchmaking

Chapter III - The Sin of Others

Chapter IV - The Cripple

Chapter V - The Subtle Serpent

Part II - Chapter I - Night

Chapter II - Night (continued)

Chapter III - The Duel

Chapter IV - All In Expectations

Chapter V - On the Eve of the Fete

Chapter VI - Pyotr Stepanovitch

Chapter VII - A Meeting

Chapter VIII - Ivan the Tsarevitch

Chapter IX - A Raid at Stepan Trofimovitch's

Chapter X - Filibusters. A Fatal Morning

Part III - Chapter I - The Fete, the First Part

Chapter II - The End of the Fete

Chapter III - A Romance Ended

Chapter IV - The Last Resolution

Chapter V - A Wanderer

Chapter VI - A Busy Night

Chapter VII - Stepan Trofimovitch's Last Wandering

Chapter VIII - Conclusion

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